Make & Play Hotel™


This box is full of everything you need to keep the kids entertained in those downtimes. Designed to last all summer vacation, with cool new craft supplies and tons of easy DIY’s. Packed full of things to do on a road-trip, an airplane, train, hotel room or right at your own kitchen table. Whether you are traveling to dreamy destinations or dreaming of travel, we have you covered. Stuck in a remote Airbnb? Rainy day indoors? Find all the stuff you need to go on a creative adventure right here, in this box. Make plastic shrink sheets into hip jewelry, take your paper staff on a trip with their designer luggage. Use the clay make pastries to bring your hotel guests or sculpt a pretend pet that stays at the hotel. The kit contains about $85 dollars worth of supplies for just $29.99. 20+ things to do all in one compact, reusable, recyclable adorable kit of wonder!

What’s Inside?

  • Print-at-home playset and free downloadable coloring projects
  • Scratch Art Squares
  • Multi-color Air-dry Clay
  • Shrink Art Supplies
  • The "Good" Scissors
  • Sewing Kit (Ages 8+)
  • Easy felt sewing projects – a sleep mask and artists’ travel supply case
  • Travel Journal Supplies 
  • Card-making supplies
  • Sharpie (careful! It's permanent!)
  • Pack of colored pencils
  • Watercolor paper
  • All for $29.99!