Make & Play Café™

SCUPLT, SEW DRAW, AND CREATE EDIBLE DECORATIONS, HOURS OF CRAFTS AND ZERO BAKING SKILLS REQUIRED! The DIY Cafe kit takes all the prep work out of creating crafts to help busy parents connect with excited kiddos. The box features easy-to-carry handles, so you can bring it to playdates, parties, in the car and outside! Comes with:
  • Felt pastries sewing kit
  • Shrink charm candy project
  • Crayola colored pencils
  • Donut pen
  • Shrink film plastic pastry project
  • Sewing kit (in a keepsake tin!)
  • Sheets of cafe stickers
  • Air dry clay (4 colors)
  • Cookie-cutter
  • DIY Paper stove, fridge, scenic backdrop, and entire paper doll baking family! 
  • Easy carry box with handles

Bonus: Make & Play Cafe Digitial, a FREE APP that comes with this box, to give your kids the joy of creating on the go!