Clay Bones Instructions:

1. Grab a piece of clay, any size.
2. Roll the clay with both of your hands.
3. Use the plastic needle to press down the edges of the rolled clay.
4. Trace a line down the middle of your bone.
5. Shape and form your bone however you’d like!

Clay Skull Instructions:

1. Roll some clay into a ball.
2. Slightly squeeze the ball
3. Gently press the ball on the unsqueezed part with your thumb to form an indent for the back of the skull.
4. Use the plastic needle to poke holes into the front of the skull, opposite of the indent, to mark where the eye sockets will be.
5. Gently wiggle the plastic needle in the eye holes to expand the eye socket.
6. Also using the needle, poke three holes in a triangular form to mark the nose hole of the skull.
7. Use the plastic needle to expand the nose hole in the skull.
8. Use the plastic needle to draw teeth, lines, and any cracks you’d like to add to the skull.
9. Skull Is Completed