About Make & Play DIY

About Make & Play DIY

Our mission is to inspire meaningful moments, together.

We think it’s more fun to bond while you’re making and playing. That’s why we combine educational entertainment and hands-on creativity, making it easier for you to set aside time to experience the joy of art and innovation with your loved ones.

Make and Play DIY™ is a craft kit service for kids that is low-clutter, reusable, and offers a variety of projects for you to choose from. Each month our team of experts curate a treasure kit full of cool materials and fun project ideas to make and play with, from art to science and back. Pick your favorite activities, and we make sure your box comes full with everything that YOU want to do.

We make doing it yourself easier.

We make doing it yourself easier.

We promote work-life balance with products that enable you to play, and inspire you to sit and make things alongside the children in your life. Use your imagination to play, or visit our website for inspiration and instructions for loads of projects. We introduce you to new supplies, cool new ways to create, and help you come up with fun projects to make and play, so you can learn and grow everyday!

Mobile App Coming Soon

Build your dreams in multiple realities.

Make and Play DIY™ brings you a virtual world! Our new app, Make & Play Café™, is set in our Make & Play box-city. Once you make something in the real world, you wave your phone over the box to unlock a virtual world of creative play!

Create your vision. Achieve rewards.

Make & Play in the real world to watch your designs come to life, and unlock goodies in the digital world.

You’ll be able to play with the very box-house you created, meet the characters, and so much more! Check out the map and all that the city has to offer, unlocking new shops, houses, and more surprises as you get new kits.

There are games to play, creatures to make, a digital world to color, and a ton of helpful DIY’s to explore.