About Make & Play DIY™

Make and Play DIY™ is a craft kit service for kids with play as limitless as your family’s imaginations. We believe in the power of bonding through creative play...and maybe even more, we believe in the powers of fast delivery and creative play to keep the kiddos occupied long enough for you to get a moment!!

We also know how hard it is to fight screen time -- there's nothing like a squishy ball of clay or glowing slime to distract and delight. Real-life play still exists! Our projects connect kids to making things in the real world again. 

Seriously, mamas report that their kiddos sit with our kits and supplies for hours. So whether you want to make meaningful moments or just get a moment, we've got your back! 

Money Back Guarantee

We use only high quality materials and suppliers that we’ve tested ourselves: moms AND kids have to love something before it gets included in our kits! If you are not completely in love with it, send it back for a refund, no questions asked.