About Make & Play DIY™

Make and Play DIY™ is a craft kit service for kids that is low-clutter, reusable, and as limitless as your family’s imaginations. We believe in the power of bonding with your family through creative play. That’s why we combine educational entertainment and hands-on creativity, making it easier for you to set aside time to experience the joy of art and innovation with your loved ones. Choose what’s best for you: buy a single kit or subscribe for a new kit every month!


Designed by moms, for moms

Each month our team of experts curate a treasure kit full of cool materials and fun project ideas to make and play with, from art to science, crafting to storytelling, and everything in between. It’s not just one project or a few minutes of distraction: every kit is stuffed with dozens of possibilities. You and your little ones will love sewing, sculpting, baking, paper crafting, painting, coloring, drawing, cutting, scrapbooking, and much more!

With so many fun DIY projects and a ton of new and cool crafting supplies, kids are excited to even open their Make & Play DIY™ kits! The box itself is fully customizable and quickly made into a make-believe store or building, ready for patrons. Set up the characters, build the interior and craft projects to bring the scene to life!


We Make Wholesome Creative Play Easier

Our DIY craft kits for kids promote meaningful moments and joyful family experiences. Every kit makes it easy to sit down alongside the children in your life while you create and play together. Use your imaginations or visit our website for inspiration and instructions for loads of activities. We introduce you to new supplies, cool new ways to create, and help you come up with fun projects to make and play, so you and the kiddos can learn and grow together every day!

Watch children set up their imaginary world and start building their own stories. Using

everything from edible fondant to metallic paints, from a no-mess kid-friendly tape gun to the

best kid scissors we tested, your kiddos will be delighted and engaged for hours on end. You’ll buy it for them, but it’s just as much fun for you! Insta-worthy moments abound when you and the kids are creating, crafting and playing together.


Big Possibilities, Low Price

Stop wasting money buying new toys and scouring the stores for things to do: the Make & Play DIY™  Kits provide hours of creative fun for a significant savings! We save you time and hassle finding the right materials and tools: each kit is specially curated to have exactly what you need and nothing else, with every piece passing our rigorous quality testing to give you the absolute best bang for your buck. We also save you money: each kit is a significant discount versus buying the items individually.

You’ll wish you’d had these kits sooner—take the stress and screen-time out of childcare with convenient, affordable, imaginative play. Perfect for Grandma’s house or to help out the babysitter! It’s as simple as this: buy a single kit for $34.99 or become a monthly subscriber to save money on every kit!


Portable, Eco-Friendly and Minimal Mess

Everything is either reusable, recyclable or compact to minimize waste and clutter. The box itself is part of the fun: color it and open it up to use as a backdrop. It stores everything for you to take on the go and is completely recyclable when you’re all done!


Money Back Guarantee

We use only high quality materials and suppliers that we’ve tested ourselves: moms AND kids have to love something before it gets included in our kits! If you are not completely in love with it, send it back for a refund, no questions asked.


Mobile App for New Dimensions of Play

Bring the creative play into virtual reality with our mobile app to make your city of box buildings even more real! We know how hard it is to get kids off their screens: our app is designed to be a complement to and reward for real-life play. It emphasizes the important of physical interaction and hands-on creativity with amazing games and features like digital painting and coloring, a baking simulator, DIY instructional videos and project ideas, Augmented Reality Cafe view and more—just wave the phone over the special sticker on the box to bring the two worlds together!