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Make & Play Hotel™ Choose Deluxe, Regular or Holiday!

Make take-home keepsakes, with our made-for-travel craft kit!

Designed to be your vacation downtime go-to, our hotel box comes with everything you need for easy DIY’s inspired by and for travel.

(Bonus! No digital device required!! )

The Regular Box Comes with: 

DIY travel journal project

Easy-sew sleeping mask

Felt pen/pencil case DIY

A half-pound of super light air-dry clay

A pad of watercolor-quality paper



The deluxe kit ALSO includes holiday items AND Bonus items: 

Tin of watercolors

 DIY Luggage Tags

Shrink art "diamond" necklace

A sharpie

Seriously good kid-sized scissors


Holiday ornament project

Holiday Card Making Supplies

Photo Snowglobe DIY kit

The deluxe kit contains about $125 dollars worth of supplies! 20+ things to do all in one compact, reusable, recyclable, and it will keep them occupied for hours.