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Giant Fluffy Glow Slime Essentials Kit!

Glow Slime

Slime! Glorious Slime! Everyone loves it, from kindergartners to teenagers and even adults. But if you haven't lit up your slime with fluff and glow, you haven't smiled!

Our kit makes it easy and quick to escalate the project to glowing fun! Our glow-boosting powder is mesmerizingly bright. Giant Fluffy Glow Slime is sure to become the hit of the night!

The Glowing Slime is very original, easy to make, and will definitely win your kids the bragging rights to a most unique itemcreated together with their parent! What a great way to tame the anxiety of trick-or-treat time anticipation!

The kit includes:

  • Everything you need to make the slime within minutes: glow glue, glow powder, and slime activator. (If you want it fluffy, use your own shaving cream. We like Barbasol best)
  • Canvas bag, round tin, and a plastic bag: great for storage with style.

Download the instructions here ...and also see How to Make it with our cute diy video!


    NOTE: Comes with a free coloring box.