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Super Light Air-Dry Clay for Dia de los Muertes! Make clay sugar skulls and more with this half-pound tub!

Sugar Skulls - Clay

Squishing clay is so satisfying! Make your own Halloween decorations. It’s fun, it’s quick, and the kids will LOVE it. You knothey can’t wait for Halloween, so start a few days early and work in some “together time” into the process.

Here is a non-messy, no-clean-up needed, non-time-consuming alternative to play dough projects! The designs are ready for you with all the right cutters included.

These sugar skulls are fun and easy, and make for excellent hanging décor for Halloween: the Day of the Dead! Don’t like skulls? It’s just an idea: make dozens of projects-anything you like-with this big tub of light air-dry clay!

The kit includes:

  • A generous amount of air-dry clay. No baking needed. Make it, make mistakes, re-make it, then ball it up and make it again if you want. No stickiness or mess. When you get it right, just leave it overnight, and it will become rock hard, sealing the beautiful creation forever.
  • Ribbon for decoration
  • Cutters: flower and heart.
  • Instructions

 NOTE: Comes with a free coloring box.